Why does my cellular alarm dialer need replacing?

September 9, 2020

Just like your cell phone, your alarm cellular dialer also needs an occasional upgrade. Both AT&T and Verizon have already started upgrading to 5G in the Houston Metro market. As the new towers go up, coverage starts becoming reduced on the older 3G \ 4G bandwidths. Several hundred clients have called us already as coverage […]

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Supporting Local Small Businesses: OMNI client Grasshoff Vet Clinic

July 6, 2020

6564 FM 1960 WEST HOUSTON, TX 77069 Phone:(281) 537-7180 Some businesses lend themselves to a level of genuine caring local service providers that only small businesses can provide. Veterinarians certainly fall into that category. The family doctor for your furry family members. Your beloved pets. When selecting a veterinarian, you may want to ask them: […]

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Integration companies are exempted from shut down

March 23, 2020

Empty buildings need to remain protected and monitored.  Construction of homes and businesses needs to continue.  Fire alarms and security systems need to remain working and tested.  OMNI helps to maintain the communications systems that alert first responders for property, fire, and life safety emergencies. Integration companies are exempted from shut down by coronavirus regulations […]

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Keeping Our Clients Secure During This Pandemic

March 18, 2020

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Omni Fire & Security is working diligently to limit the spread of this virus while providing services that our customers depend on for the security of their homes and businesses. In times like this, we must all do our part. We are monitoring this situation and adjusting our policies […]

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Five Fire alarm facts:

February 11, 2019

Five fire alarm facts you might not be aware of, and, who is ultimately responsible for the fire alarm in a building? I recently attended a seminar in Houston that was hosted by Texas Assistant Chief Fire Marshal Ernest McCloud, and Jason Webb, Business Development Rep for Potter Controls. (February, 2019) The seminar was well […]

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At risk: traditional phone lines are disappearing

January 15, 2019

I’m surprised by the number of clients that are hanging on to old telephone technology. I still see over 25% of clients that haven’t moved to cellular service for their alarm reporting. Here are the reasons why you should change over NOW. Don’t wait till they are gone! With regular phone lines, a $5 set […]

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OMNI adds Potter Signal

January 4, 2019

    Potter System performs well in large dormitory application In 2018, OMNI Fire and Security became Authorized Dealers for the Potter Electric Signal line.  This greatly increases OMNI’s product offering, allowing us to perform larger installations with more life safety devices than ever before. Potter’s technical training team provided factory certification training to OMNI’s […]

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Convicted Dallas area burglar reveals how he picks target homes

January 2, 2019

The link below is to an informative interview of a burglar who was successful in Dallas and what he avoided when casing out a house. https://youtu.be/DtwD-c9hn58 A lot of what he mentions is the normal things we have heard for years.  It’s rather sad that an articulate person such as this would choose to be […]

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Outdoor security: Six ways to secure outdoor assets, storage yards, and equipment.

November 7, 2016

    Six ways to protect outdoor assets and storage yards beyond just building a fence:  Hire an onsite guard.  The guard should have zero false alarms and can deter crime by just being there.  Cost and liability can be high if they are armed. Security cameras.  They can cover a wide area, no monthly cost. […]

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Harris County Fire Alarm Approval and Installation Steps

January 28, 2016

Fire Code Review Sheet Before Submitting Before an alarm company can submit fire alarm plans to be reviewed to the Harris County Fire Marshal, the business or property owner must have submitted a FCRS, or Fire Code Review Sheet to the Fire Marshals office and the alarm company must have a copy of that sheet […]

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