Why does my cellular alarm dialer need replacing?

by Rick Overholt on September 9, 2020

Just like your cell phone, your alarm cellular dialer also needs an occasional upgrade. Both AT&T and Verizon have already started upgrading to 5G in the Houston Metro market. As the new towers go up, coverage starts becoming reduced on the older 3G \ 4G bandwidths. Several hundred clients have called us already as coverage was lost and their alarm keypads started “beeping” trouble signals.

It’s not just alarm systems – Cars with GPS assistance like On-Star and similar products are starting to loose connectivity as well. Along with industrial cellular devices that track vehicles and open gates and pipeline valves.

Fortunately the cost is not like having to go out and buy a $700 plus smart phone. Alarm cellular dialers have no screen, and only 2-3 buttons, so the cost is a fraction of a consumer cell phone. As a convenience to our clients, if you schedule ahead and we can combine with another service in your area, we can waive part or all of the labor charge. Then we sell the device at our cost, usually less than $125 for a security dialer and $150 for a fire alarm rated dialer.

Don’t put if off. By planning ahead and scheduling you can reduce your cost by 50% or more. To avoid down time, call us and replace your old cell dialer today! This might also be a good time to upgrade to monitored fire \ smoke coverage, or remote view security cameras.

Call us today at 281-591-1944 to find out more about replacing cellular alarm communicators in the Houston area today.


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