OMNI adds Potter Signal

by Rick Overholt on January 4, 2019

    Potter System performs well in large dormitory application

In 2018, OMNI Fire and Security became Authorized Dealers for the Potter Electric Signal line.  This greatly increases OMNI’s product offering, allowing us to perform larger installations with more life safety devices than ever before. Potter’s technical training team provided factory certification training to OMNI’s technical and sales staff, and every technician at OMNI. The power of the Potter fire alarm platform was leveraged by installing an integrated fire alarm and voice evacuation system at the newest student housing project at Blinn College in Bryan, Texas.   This is the only fire alarm product on the market we’ve identified that allows voice evacuation signals to be directed to just a single suite or room in a building.  In a college dorm, you don’t want to evacuate an entire building when a student burns the microwave popcorn! Often in dorm rooms and hotel rooms the room smoke detectors are installed by the electricians, and they are not supervised by the front desk or by the fire alarm panel.  By having the room smokes tie to the main panel, staff can be notified if someone removes or attempts to disable a detector. The system features a complex design that uses Voice Evac and low frequency sounders to alert the students. If smoke is detected in a suite it only activates the evacuation message in that suite.   When smoke is detected in the hallways, equipment rooms, or common areas, the entire building evacuation system is activated. The local fire marshal inspector was impressed that every device tested without issue on the first day.  OMNI will be shifting more of it’s medium to large sized installations to the Potter platform. OMNI Fire and Security Systems headquarters are in Houston, Texas.  OMNI has been providing life safety, security systems and access control since 1987. Facebooklinkedinmail

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