At risk: traditional phone lines are disappearing

by Rick Overholt on January 15, 2019

In less than two years AT&T and Verizon are phasing out phone lines. When will your alarm system be affected?

I’m surprised by the number of clients that are hanging on to old telephone technology. I still see over 25% of clients that haven’t moved to cellular service for their alarm reporting. Here are the reasons why you should change over NOW. Don’t wait till they are gone!

  1. With regular phone lines, a $5 set of wire cutters renders your alarm inoperative. It’s typically only $10 per month to add cellular service to your alarm.
  2. Faster service. It takes almost 30 seconds to send through a dialup signal. reduce that by 70% by adding cellular service to your alarm.
  3. More pathways to your monitoring center. Instead of a single pair of wires, your cellular alarm dialer may touch three or more cell towers.
  4. Utilize the tech that’s out there; with cellular alarm service you can also arm \ disarm and check your systems status via a phone app.
  5. It can remind you if no one is at home and your alarm isn’t set.
  6. You can control lights, locks, let the plumber in remotely.
  7. Your alarm company can remotely provide some service levels via phone eliminating the cost of a truck roll and saving you time.
  8. Some digital phone services such as Comcast and AT&T Uverse don’t always transmit alarm signals properly – it could cause your alarm to fail.
  9. Digital carriers also don’t typically work if the power is off, leaving you unprotected.

Most alarm companies run deep discounts for cellular installation making it very affordable to activate.

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