Convicted Dallas area burglar reveals how he picks target homes

by Rick Overholt on January 2, 2019

The link below is to an informative interview of a burglar who was successful in Dallas and what he avoided when casing out a house.

A lot of what he mentions is the normal things we have heard for years.  It’s rather sad that an articulate person such as this would choose to be a thief rather than pursue a legitimate career.  Now he’ll sit in prison while our tax dollar support him. 

Key deterrents he mentions: Neighborhood watch, and wireless alarms – he noted how easy it is to cut or pull off the wires to the phone on the outside of the home. Also newspapers and mail.

We caught someone going down our street looking in mailboxes at 5 AM while we were drinking our coffee. We typically sit by the front window with the light off to watch the sunrise and birds coming to the feeder. The Harris County Sheriff was quick to respond, and I was out following the offender in my car, keeping them in sight until the police arrived.

Stay alert, and report suspicious people!   Next Door is a great mobile app for alert neighbors to strangers and anything out of the ordinary.  It’s a great tool to incorporate into your neighborhood watch.  Also be sure to alert authorities, don’t hesitate or feel like you are a nuisance.  It’s only through diligence and being involved that we can make a difference.


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