Common mistakes: office security camera placement

by Rick Overholt on May 11, 2015

Many business owners have come to realize that they need security cameras installed to safeguard their property, equipment and inventory, as well as to protect customers and employees. If you are getting ready to add security equipment at your company, it pays to be aware of some common mistakes business owners make with cameras and video recording devices.

Entry Doors

Business owners often want to get as wide a shot as possible with a single camera, thinking this is the best way to control costs. However, this is not the ideal way to secure your business. You should focus door cameras tightly so you’ll get a good, clear shot of the face of each person coming through the door, both during and after business hours.

Be careful about trying to cover an entire room and doorway with a single camera. You might not get the detail you need to catch criminals’ faces in the doorway.


Don’t forget to cover the dumpster area. It’s not uncommon for employees and vendors to stash stolen items in the dumpster and then return to retrieve them when the business is closed. A mounted camera will help you catch these crooks red-handed when they sneak back in.

Parking Lot

Make sure to provide sufficient camera coverage in your parking areas, especially where you keep company vehicles. Even when a company truck is empty, we have had clients reporting tires and parts being stolen from vehicles after hours.

DVR Setup

Don’t place the digital video recorder in an area where employees or criminals can tamper with its controls or even steal the device. It’s best to keep your DVR in a locked room or inside a DVR lockbox. We’ll consult with you on the best options for DVR location.

Just as you should have surge protectors in between your computers and the power supply, you should also install a surge arrestor on the DVR. It would be a shame if a power failure destroyed footage of criminals who just stole from your business.

For added peace of mind, consider placing a covert infrared camera to watch the DVR, and have it record footage to a separate drive or SD memory card. This way, if thieves steal the DVR, you will have photos of them in the act, while they will think that they have made off with the evidence of their crime. We’ve caught thieves more than once with this trick!

The professionals at OMNI Fire and Security are devoted to helping local business owners keep tabs on their property and protect their assets with state-of-the art security camera systems. For more information on installing the appropriate amount of cameras in the best locations at your business and setting up a DVR to monitor the cameras, please contact us today at 281-591-1944.


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