Who’s casing out your business?

by Rick Overholt on April 29, 2015

Houston security system


When you first launched your business, you likely put in a great deal of overtime, perhaps even occasionally sleeping on a couch in your office when it was crunch time. However, even the most devoted company owners can’t be on hand 24 hours a day to keep an eye on things. This is especially the case when it comes to protecting your property, equipment, inventory and employees.

Criminals are always on the prowl looking at businesses, casing them out for signs of weakness. One unsecured door or window, trees blocking the view from the street or even a broken light are good starting places for vandals and burglars looking for some easy pickings.

For this reason, many businesses with physical assets to protect and employees to safeguard implement a security system.

If you’ve never implemented security cameras at a company, you may not be sure about which models and manufacturers are best for your particular business, or how many cameras you should install. Another important question to consider is where are the best places to mount cameras? You’ll want to consult with home security experts to help you determine proper placement.

Customers frequently contact us seeking protection after criminals attack their businesses. Here is a sample of calls from just the last two weeks:
* Burglars stole tens of thousands of dollars in A/C units from rooftops and outside ground level units

* Vandals attacked employee and company cars in broad daylight

* Thieves removed and stole all the wheels from a commercial truck that was parked in a fenced-in yard
Modern security camera systems are now available that you can access via the Internet. This means you don’t need to have a security guard on the premises, sitting in a control room to watch video feeds. With cameras connected to the Internet, you can watch the action via remote camera viewing, such as on your home PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Further protection comes in the form of an access control system, which you use to keep track of who enters and exits the facility. You access the building by swiping a card, typing in a code on a keypad or by placing your finger on a fingerprint reader.

Access control is becoming increasingly important. Our clients have reported criminals walking in through one of their unlocked doors and making off with laptops, PCs and phones during working hours. While convenient, the practice of leaving commercial building doors open or unlocked during regular business hours increases risk to your employees, customers and property.

Modern access control systems reduce this risk. What’s more, you may be eligible for a discount on your business insurance if you implement the added security. Contact your insurance agent for details.

Without a robust security system in place, your business is vulnerable to criminals. Burglars won’t bother spending time trying to break into one business that is clearly protected with surveillance technology when a nearby unprotected business will be easier to penetrate. The experts at OMNI Fire and Security are known for being the company of choice for business owners in the greater Houston metro area seeking to add an extra measure of security to their property. For more information on putting in surveillance cameras and other security devices at your company, please contact us at 281-591-1944 today.


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