What your alarm company sales rep may not tell you!

by Rick Overholt on April 20, 2015

As a homSecurity.System.Houstoneowner or business owner, you sometimes have to rely on the expertise of professionals when it comes to making      improvements to your property. After all, you aren’t expected to know all the ins and outs of security systems. You may be  familiar with glass break detectors, though, as these devices often appear in crime dramas. They’re designed to trigger when  someone is vandalizing the premises or trying to break in.

However, your alarm salesperson may never tell you that there are limitations to glass break detectors. That means a burglar    could smash a large window and the event could go undetected by the system that’s supposed to help protect your business and  employees or your home and family.  You would be right to ask how is this possible.

Security experts will tell you that GBDs tend to fail because of three main  reasons:

1. Installed in Improper Location

Security systems professionals should install most GBDs within 20 feet of the window they’re protecting.

Often when I visit a restaurant or other business, I see glass break detectors mounted on acoustic tiles or out of the range of the glass windows, where they obviously will not work.
2. Covered Up

Sometimes the technician will install GBDs in the correct spot on the ceiling or the facing wall, but the window is covered by shutters or heavy drapes.

The security company should remind customers about not covering up windows like this after installation is finished, so they will get the full benefit of their glass break detectors.
3. Room Acoustics Appear to be Perfect

I had a retail client several years ago, where a big box national company had installed the latest in GBD technology with proper spacing, 10-foot panes of glass and “live” reflective acoustics.

The retailer switched to our company. We tested the GBDs according to the manufacturer’s suggested procedure and everything checked out and was working fine.

However, a burglar hurled a concrete block through the window a few months later and it shattered. No alarm went off.

According to OMNI Fire and Security’s records, the system was indeed armed and it should have worked properly. The manufacturer came out, reviewed the installation and found no reason for the failure. Keep in mind that this was an Intellisense brand detector, created before Honeywell bought that company. Industry professionals consider the Intellisense detectors to be fine for the most part.

The bottom line? Glass break detection can be a part of a comprehensive solution, but buyers should be aware of their possible shortcomings and risks. At OMNI Fire and Security, our goal is to educate our customers and clients so they can make an informed decision.
If your home or business is not protected by an alarm system or if you are unhappy with the state of your current alarm equipment, the experts at OMNI Fire and Security are standing by to help. In addition to consulting with you about glass break detectors, our team will be happy to assist you with video surveillance and other security features as well as a new fire alarm setup for the property. For details on our service in the greater Houston metro area and beyond, please contact us at 281-591-1944 today.


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