Cable Company home security system fail

by Rick Overholt on August 25, 2014

If you are thinking of using a telephone company or a cable TV company to install your alarm system, you might want to pay attention to this little anecdote. My friend Kay who is a college professor recently got a call from her cable company about her home security alarm going off.  Since she was at work at the time, she told the dispatcher to go ahead and send someone to take a look at what was going on. photo (16) She later discovered the reason her alarm had gone off was because the motion detector had somehow managed to fall off the wall tripping the system in the process. When she told me what had transpired I found it somewhat surprising that such a thing could happen. A motion detector doesn’t simply fall off a wall unless it came unscrewed somehow or the wall magically shook it off. So I swung by her brand new home that evening to take a look the mystery motion detector and the first thing I noticed was that it hadn’t been screwed to the wall at all. No sir! The cable TV company technician who installed her alarm system had simply mounted the motion detector to the wall with double-sided tape and evidently hoped that would suffice.   At our company, a caper like that is ground for immediate termination. It took me barely three minutes to screw the motion detector down with 1 ¼” sheetrock screws. Next time, if Kay’s alarm goes off, it at least won’t be because the motion detector fell off the wall. But the incident left me wondering what kind of a technician wouldn’t want to spend even that amount of time to do the job right especially when dealing with something as critical as a home security system. Do you really want to trust the security of your home to a company like that? The reality is that for phone and cable companies the security and fire alarm business is just another revenue stream opportunity. It is not their core competency, like it is for us here at OMNI. We are a Houston security alarm company, and we focus on alarms. Period. We don’t do TV or phones but we are pretty hard to beat when it comes to security and access control systems, burglar alarms, video surveillance and fire alarms. Check us out if you are looking for someone reliable in the Houstion area to install your alarm system. Or, at least make sure that your cable company doesn’t use double sided tape or glue to mount your detection systems to the wall.


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