Temperature Logging

by Rick Overholt on November 10, 2014

Over the years we have monitored temperatures for critical clients in many areas.  From freezers for Omaha Steaks, to upscale wine storage facilities, and in control rooms for fire sprinklers, where frozen pipes or powered down pumps can spell disaster.

In the past the only requirement was to alert our clients if the temperature reached a threshold point.  Recently, one of our large fire alarm clients asked us if we could not only monitor the temperatures in their food processing plants, but also maintain historic logs of the temperatures, and provide charting and graphs.  An extended search brought us to a developer in the UK with the perfect fit!  We are currently beta testing 4 sites, and have additional units ready to put into service at your locations.

Now, for less than the cost our competitors are charging for the device, we are able to install the WiFi based logger, setup the cloud service for logging the temperature data, and get them up and running.  Plus, our monthly rate includes device replacement, with just a small trip charge, to anyone located near our Houston service area.   We are setting up a do-it-yourself kit to for those located outside our service area to easily install their own devices.

OMNI can help you whether you need to track and log the temperature and \ or humidity levels in one place, or a hundred places.   Whether it’s a freezer of several hundred square feet, or a several small containers of medicine, or a drug cabinet, we have a solution for you.    Call us today at 800-359-6810 and select option 3.   We will arrange for an estimator to assist you in designing a custom cloud solution for your business.


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