Houston Police Active Shooter Program

by Rick Overholt on January 25, 2013

Office Stephen Daniel,  Senior Community Liaison with the Houston Police Dept heads up a training course for dealing with active shooters, a very hot topic currently.  I recently saw the program at our local Houston Alarm Association meeting (HGCAA) and came away quite impressed.  They quickly show you skills you can use, without weapons, that could  greatly increase the survival chances for not only yourself, but also those around you.  It focuses on clear thinking, fast action, and does not require that one be armed.  I strongly recommend that everyone from high school age and up get this training.

Below are two links they provided that summarize the training.  In one video, two college girls after just a few minutes instruction take out an intruder with a gun in a practice scenario.

To contact HPD Public Affairs and schedule training for your group, you can contact Officer Daniel at 713-308-3246.  His email is Stephen.daniel@houstonpolice.org.

Here are links to two videos that show it better than I can tell it.  Be sure to watch both!

CLICK HERE to view Alan Stivi Active Shooter Survival


 The video below is by Homeland Security, also very relevant and informative.





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