Support for Caddx Alarm Systems

To Change Master Code:

Press [*][1][#] current master code [*][1][#] [New master code] [*][1][#].

To Add Users:

(Ex: User #2) Press [*][2][#] [Enter master code] [*][2][#] [New user code] [*][2][#].

Users 3-6 are all done in the same manner, substituting the appropriate user number.

Bypassing Zones

To bypass unsecure zones: Press [*] then the zone you wish to bypass then [*] again.
When zones are bypassed their corresponding zone light will be lit solidly not Blinking).

Instant Arming

To Instant Arm: Press [*] during the exit delay.
Instant arming removes the entry delay time after the exit delay has expired.

Resetting Smoke Detectors

To Reset smoke detectors: Press [#] and hold until keypad beeps.

Please call us at 281.591.1944 if you need further assistance.