Remote CCTV and Video System upgrades

OMNI Fire and Security offers Network Video Recording (NVR) for either existing or new CCTV camera installations. NVRs can store up to a month of recorded video from multiple cameras digitally, which means easy 24/7 recording and searchable playback for the end user. Are you still using tapes to protect your property? Replace that old DVR with a new Network Video Recorder (NVR).  We also offer a Hybrid DVR that can utilize all of your old coaxial cabling and deliver high resolution images from 2 – 5 megapixels up to 4K!

What’s the best part about Network Video Recorders?
The ability to view your home, office, or remote location over locally networked computer -or- over the internet! Whether you are on vacation and want to check out a live picture of your home or you are at home and want to view some recorded events that happened at the office, our Network Video Recorders will allow you to do just that, 24 hours a day, remotely.

OMNI Alarm Service can meet your needs with a 4, 8, or 16 camera NVR.
Give us a call today at (281) 591-1944 to speak to a representative for more information about our different models or come by our office at any time to have a look at and try out the NVRs or DVR’s that we have set up! Have one of our reps come out and demo how you can see our system on your iPhone – or, we can talk you through it over the phone!

Cloud Video Storage with NO NVR required!

Using Honeywell Total Connect, or Virtual Keypad by Digital Monitoring Products (DMP)we can even setup cameras in your home or office, and record the video offsite, without you having to purchase and maintain a DVR! This can save you hundreds of dollars upfront for hardware.  Save your video “in the cloud” instead!

Special offer for clients with older DVRs

If you have an older DVR and would like to upgrade to higher resolution now, give us a call.   If you upgrade your DVR to a new High resolution model, we will provide one replacement camera at no charge!  If OMNI installed the system originally, we will provide your with two new upgraded cameras, as a thank you for choosing OMNI.

Video Analytic Software

Want to leverage your existing cameras?   We have software that can take the images from most existing analog cameras, and determine whether there is a person or a vehicle in an area that’s not supposed to be there.  From there we can either:  A) Email you a video clip of the event to an email list you provide, or, B) Send the clip to our monitoring center where our live operators can determine if it meets your criteria, then dispatch the police or private security per your instructions.  It’s like having a live guard onsite, only at a fraction of the cost.  You can continue to just record your cameras and see video clips of your property being damaged and carried off, or, you can use our analytic software and take action while the damage is being done.

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