Outdoor security – storage yards, outdoor motion


Technology in video analytic software and verification by live central station operators has created a new paradigm in the alarm industry.  By leveraging the analytic software used to make airports safer, backed by verification with live human eyes, we can now be 99.9% certain that when we dispatch, there is in fact a person on the property.  This is a great way to secure storage yards, parked heavy equipment.                                 CALL FOR MORE INFO  281-393-7124

Scenario 1:  Client has existing video cameras on the property.  Vandals have taken stored materials, vandalized equipment and have damaged air conditioners to sell the copper for scrap.  For $200 worth of scrap, they can cause as much as $10-$20,000 worth of damage.

We can utilize the existing video cameras, which so far have only given them shadowy video of unidentifiable intruders.   By adding a black box with built in video analytic software, we can now dispatch authorities to the site while the crime is in progress.

This software can be managed remotely, and fine tuned to cover the critical areas in the view, and ignore things like trees.  The software is updated remotely, so the end user doesn’t have to pay technicians to come and make software updates and adjustments on site.  The latest version of software is automatically applied as it is available.


Scenario 2:  Client has a remote facility with no power or data, vandals are damaging equipment and stealing raw materials.

We can install wireless motion-viewers, which require no external power or data.  We use the existing LTE Cellular data networks to transmit the video data to our monitoring center, where the site is reviewed by live operators.  This means we aren’t waking up our clients with false signals caused by animals, lightning, blowing trees and shrubs.

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